Giving back #Mastermind

Giving back #Mastermind

A little over a year ago, we launched our local San Diego mini-Masterminds for our local Pros. Every first Thursday of the month from 4-6pm we invite our Pros to Housecall Pro HQ to come mingle with us, learn about a subject/tactic/strategy to help their business, show them our roadmap, get feedback, and network with other like-minded local Pros. Our mission at Housecall Pro is to help our Pros go from good to great, and this was one idea I had to accelerate and amplify our reach and impact.


We use these events to share our knowledge of the digital world with our Pros so that they can learn to leverage it in a similar way as we have. Last weekend, we concluded our biggest Mastermind to-date in Atlanta with just over 200 Pros attending. It's been an incredible journey so far, and it's amazing to see how fast we're able to continue growing. I love meeting and growing our community of Pros, and most of all, being able to chat and hangout together afterwards at the happy hours.

Roland Ligtenberg speaking at Housecall Pro Atlanta Mastermind 08/18

We'll be scaling this from 1 event a month to over 40 next year and beyond; even a "Mega-Mastermind" with over a thousand Pros on January 2020 in Vegas. I'm looking forward to speaking more, giving back to our Pros, meeting thousands of our Pros across the country, and hearing their stories on our quest of helping them go from good to great.

Housecall Pro Mastermind Happy Hour in Atlanta
Roland Ligtenberg helping a Pro use "My Network" feature during Atlanta Mastermind