It's been a while since I've reconciled my online presence. Some recent family changes prompted a review of all of the domains, sites, and web pages I own and had put together over the years, many of them severely outdated. Like the picture of our Housecall Pro shirts says I need to, Do the work.


  • - switching from old Wordpress theme (Mustachey) hosted on Mediatemple from 2013 - 09/01/18 to Ghost.
  • - switching from old Wordpress theme to a simple HTML site with links to each family members website or social profiles, hope to retain some SEO juice when people search for my last name and land them in the right spot.
  • - I resigned as a partner at the end of 2016, needed to make sure the site is down.

Trying out Ghost for the first time, and figured it's a good time to revamp my blog (or lack thereof). Wanted to try something different than Wordpress, and not have everything on Medium, although I had considered it.